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half-board horse in geneva

At the Versoix – La Bâtie Equestrian Center, the Segura Horse Team provides horses on a half-board basis for riders wishing to train regularly and practice ethologically-oriented horseback riding, without spurs or constraints for the horse.

Demi-pension à Genève - Cours CSO

A horse on half board offers many advantages, including the possibility to progress more quickly in your riding.

The half-board program is a practical solution that allows riders to ride an experienced horse without immediately investing in the purchase of a mount. With half board, you will benefit from a customized training adapted to your level and your objectives, thanks to the teaching of the international rider Patricia Segura and the support of her team. Taking a horse on a half-board basis allows you to develop a close relationship with your new partner, to better understand his behavior and therefore to improve your riding technique. “By working regularly with the same horse, you create a greater complicity with him and you can form a real couple, which will allow you to improve your technique and train more efficiently”, explains Patricia Segura.

A horse on half-board, whether you are a recreational rider or a show jumper

Que ce soit pour une équitation de loisir ou de compétition, le Segura Horse Team propose un service professionnel unique avec tous les avantages d’une écurie privée, doublé d’une approche éthologique et respectueuse du bien-être du cheval. Comme si vous étiez propriétaires.

Nous vous permettons d’atteindre vos objectifs, que vous souhaitiez simplement améliorer votre technique équestre pour partir en balade en pleine nature en toute sécurité ou participer à des compétitions hippiques en Suisse et à l’international. Dans le cadre de compétitions de saut d’obstacles (CSO), nous vous préparons aux différentes épreuves, nous transportons votre cheval en demi-pension et vous coachons.

Several formulas for a half-board horse in Versoix – La Bâtie

With the Segura Horse Team, the rates for a half board horse depend on the formula chosen. Options include : 1 ride per week CHF 300.00 per month ; 2 rides with one lesson per week CHF 500.00 per month. ; 3 rides with two lessons per week CHF 900.00 per month ; 3 rides with three lessons per week CHF 1200.00 per month. Join us now for a unique and challenging experience before you decide to invest in a full board or full ownership mount! Half board is a wise investment and an ideal preliminary step before buying a horse.

Contact us today to learn more about our available horses

To find out more about our half board horse offer and to discuss your specific needs, contact us today. We would be delighted to accompany you on your equestrian journey and help you achieve your ambitions.

Advantages of half-board

  • More time with the same horse
  • Customized training
  • Greater speed of progress
  • Budget without surprises and therefore under control
  • Access to the facilities
  • Ideal preliminary step before buying